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This website contains a sample of currently available works.  If you would like further details of any item please email.

This page is all about paintings I am currently working on and any other things that haven't yet been given their own page.

Firework Paintings left to right:

Bay Fireworks 1) Bluey Grey, 2) Red Amber, 3) Ultramarine;  Harbour Lights 1) Viridian Blue 2)Violet Rose;

StarBurst! 1) Rose 2) Viridian Hue;  3) ‘Fire puffs!’ Fire on Water 1) Viridian Hue 2) Rose;  Explosion!

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Exhibitions, current Work and Other Stuff!


Hedgerow paintings

From late last summer I have been working on paintings inspired by plants in the Norfolk hedgerows observing their changing forms and colours, their simple and complex designs their interaction with rain, sun and wind. These paintings in acrylic on paper are gestural and textural and are the result of my time spent studying, photographing and sketching these gems of the countryside.                                               To see paintings, click here


I mentioned in my previous notes that I had be working on a series of  ‘firework’ paintings. These represent a spectacular firework display over the inner harbour at Brixham when the tide was in. My fascination with the shapes of the explosions, their reflection in the still waters and the saturation of the surrounding harbour structures and floating boats by the coloured compounds released into the night sky led to this series of paintings a few of which are shown here.

My most recent exhibition ‘A Feast for the Eye’ with artists Helga Joergens and David Lendrum was very well received and lived up to its name!

Next up is the WNAA Autumn Exhibition from 27th November to 11th December at the Fermoy Gallery King’s Lynn.