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Paintings by Barbara King

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The Norfolk coast is as diverse as it is beautiful. Shingle beaches at Sheringham and Cromer, wide sandy beaches at Brancaster, the winsome beauty of marshland at Thornham and Deepdale, sand dunes with marram grass and sea holly at Holme and the red white and gold cliffs of Hunstanton.  

Scattered amongst this infinite variety are pine trees, ancient relics,  ship wrecks, birds, and harbours full of boats of different types and sizes just waiting to be painted.

A veritable treasure trove for any artist.

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Paintings on this page:

Hunstanton Sunset; Stormy Weather 1, The Boardwalk;  Michael’s Beauty at Thornham; Stormy Weather 2, The Boardwalk Brancaster; Mirrored Sands, Cromer 1. The Old House Boat Burnham Deepdale;  A Brisk Walk, Thornham

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